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Downtown Fargo: an urban-infill competition
Envision the heart, inspire the city.

The winners from Downtown Fargo: an urban-infill competition have been announced! Drum roll, please ...

The jury opted to choose two first-place award winners: “Fargo 365” by David Witham, Doug Meehan, Anna Ishii and Hannah Mattheus-Kairys, Philadelphia, PA; and “ebb and flow” by Nakjune Seong and Sarah Kuen, South Lake, TX. Each first prize award winner received a $10,000 cash prize.

Second place: “Vertical Plain” by Helenske Design Group, Fargo. Helenske Design Group received a $5,000 cash prize.

Honorable Mention: “More Broadway” by Russel Collin, Calgary, AB; “Seed” by: Ted L. Wright, Phoenix, AZ; and “Icon” by Ty Greff, Santa Fe, NM. Each honorable mention winner received a $1,000 cash prize.

People’s Choice Awards: “Kilbourne Square” by Atelier Heamavihio and Don Faulkner, Fargo and “201 Broadway” by EAPC, Grand Forks. First place in the People’s Choice Awards is “Broadway Market Commons” by Cornell Design and Planning Group- Kevin Gill, Dasha Mikic, Chuijing Kong, Heather Blaikie, and Robert (Bim) Krumhansl of Ithaca, NY. Cornell Design and Planning Group  received a $1,000 cash prize.

Thumbnail versions of the entries can be viewed at the Kilbourne Group Design Competition’s
online gallery.

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Kilbourne Group is pleased to sponsor "Downtown Fargo: an urban-infill competition". This is an international, conceptual urban ideas competition open to architects, designers, engineers, landscape architects and aspiring students. The canvas is the U.S. Bank plaza and surface parking lot property in Downtown Fargo, North Dakota. The challenge is to envision an exceptional multi-use space that accommodates retail, residential, parking, office, and civic space. The space needs to convey the energy of “live, work and play” in Downtown Fargo. First prize in the competition is $15,000.
The official competition manual and base map information are available from the Resource Page. Those wishing to participate in this design competition can register via the Registration Page.
Please explore the competition navigation links above, and check back often for competition updates. You can sign up to receive the Kilbourne Group newsletter for additional competition announcements. Competition inquiries may be sent to


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